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Small breaks at work can prevent back pain

Wednesday 10th October 2012
Small breaks at work can prevent back pain
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Working can be a stressful experience and cause many people to develop aches and strains but an expert has offered advice on how to avoid back pain.

Cabella Lowe, professional head of physiotherapy at Nuffield Health, said that taking just five minutes out from every hour at work can help stop these problems from occurring on a regular basis.

Ms Lowe noted that many people spend the majority of their day sitting down and working behind a desk which can damage a person's spine if they are stuck in one position all day.

She went on to say that getting up and walking around every now and then can be significantly beneficial to their health.

"My advice would be to get up, move about, use any opportunity really. Go to get a drink of water, walk around the office a bit, instead of emailing a colleague across the room get up and go and talk to them," Ms Lowe added.

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